Setting up a domain name with NameCheap

W Web Design Support / Domain Last updated on Updated  Jan 12, 2020

How do I change my nameservers with NameCheap ?

To make your existing domain name work with our hosting, you need to have your domain name servers pointed to our Server. Below are instructions on how to change your name servers with NameCheap. If you need assistance, you can contact our Support.

Note: Changing your name servers does not transfer your domain registration. You will need to keep your domain current with your current registrar.


• If you have domain-based email (i.e., please send your email provider's MX records to our Support Team BEFORE you change your name servers (the next step). If you change your name servers before we have your email's MX records set up on our servers, your email will go down. Your email will be restored within 2-24 hours after your MX records have been added to our servers.


1. Log into then go to Domain List.


2. Click the Manage button (to the right of your domain).


3. By default, the nameservers on your domain will be set to Namecheap’s BasicDNS which you will need to change. Under the “Domain” tab select “Custom DNS” from the dropdown in the nameservers section. 


4. In the relevant boxes, enter the following nameservers:

Nameserver 1:

Nameserver 2:


5. And click the green check mark when finished.

After you update your name servers it may take up to 24-48 hours for your new website to be active.

Important: You must change your domain's name servers in order for your domain name to be active with our Server. Name server changes take 24-48 hours to propagate.

If you need assistance with this or any aspect of your account, you can reach our Support team.